Beachside Treatment Center values the importance of the client’s aftercare once the client returns to daily life in the outside world, in order to preserve the tools gained, and improve the progress made during treatment at the facility. For long-lasting results, we feel very strongly about family being involved in the recovery process to help build a sound internal support system.

Upon discharge, we assist with setting up appropriate outpatient facilities and we recommend therapeutic group sessions for ongoing and continuous care. Our alumni are always welcome to keep in touch with our on-site therapists, counselors, and practitioners even after discharge.


Committed toONGOING CARE

We are committed to the ongoing care and recovery of our alumni. We encourage you and your child to reach out and take advantage of our resources, expertise, and support network at all stages of your journey.

We understand that finding the best care for your loved one can be an intense and overwhelming process. However, here at Beachside Treatment Center, you are not alone. Our professional staff and mental health experts are available 24/7 to guide and support you on this journey. We trust that together we can create a harmonious process of continued healing and sustained wellness for both you and your loved one.

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