Beachside Teen Treatment Center is a tranquil, rehabilitation haven for adolescents struggling with addiction, substance abuse, and co-occurring mental health disorders. Our beautiful residential facility is based in Malibu, California, with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

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Mental Health Treatment

Beachside has a qualified and experienced team of professionals to properly and fully evaluate and treat substance abuse disorders. As a mental health facility that understands the complexities of addiction and alcoholism in teenagers, we provide individualized programs and therapeutic help.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Delivered in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, we address underlying emotional and mental health issues, providing teens with coping mechanisms that enable them to live a happy and healthy life. Each case is treated individually to ensure the very best and long-lasting results.

Treatment Programs

We provide evidenced-based, comprehensive, individualized treatment in a safe home-like environment. Our evidence-based clinical therapies are complemented by holistic and creative therapies. Clients are also provided with an educational school component, as well as healthy recreational activities, including; library, art, music, and a range of outdoor exercise programs.

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