Cigna Insurance Coverage for Mental Health Treatments

If you’re trying to beat an addiction, you may wonder if your desired facility accepts Cigna drug rehab coverage. Under the current government guidelines, Cigna is required to assist with paying for addiction treatment. Insurance companies need to treat addictions like other diseases, and rehab is a standard treatment for addiction. That means your insurance from Cigna has drug rehab and mental health coverage built into it.

Coverage Can Vary

It’s important to note that Cigna drug rehab coverage differs across their many plan offerings. In general, the more expensive insurance plans provide more comprehensive coverage. Even so, most plans should give you at least partial coverage if you decide to enter into rehab. The Hills Treatment Center can help verify what your plan will and won’t cover.

About Cigna Drug Rehab Coverage

Cigna insurance provides some benefits related to mental and behavioral health. This includes drug and alcohol rehab. Their approved treatments typically include residential rehab and outpatient programs, although certain restrictions may apply. For example, you may need a doctor to diagnose and refer you before Cigna drug rehab coverage kicks in.

Why Getting Treatment through a Quality Treatment Center Matters

woman discusses cigna drug rehab coverage with her doctor

One of the reasons why rehab survives as a treatment is because it works. Of course, the better the staff and facility, the better the outcomes tend to be. Quality treatment centers aim to keep a low client-to-staff ratio. That lets the staff focus on giving a higher level of personal attention and care to every client.

It never hurts to offer luxury amenities as well. For example, The Hills Treatment Center is pet-friendly, offers massage, and even keeps a top-notch chef on staff. While not essential to recovery, these amenities often make the recovery process easier.

Of course, getting treatment at a rehab center does several important things. It limits your exposure to people and things that trigger you to use. Additionally, it puts you in an environment where you can focus on recovery and benefit from people who are focused on helping you. It also puts you together with other people who grasp what you’re going through.

Maybe most importantly, rehab creates opportunities to come to terms with your family in a structured, constructive way. Most people who struggle with addiction also have strained family relationships. Exploring how your behavior affected them with a therapist to keep things on an even keel lets you start repairing those bonds.

Drug Addiction Treatments

There’s no one-size-fits-all treatment regimen for addiction. The drug you use, your personal history, and the severity of your addiction all play a role in treatment. If stress triggers you, learning stress management skills will play a more prominent role in your recovery. Someone with a history of abuse might spend more time in one-on-one counseling.

Good rehab centers deal with the fact that people use for different reasons by offering a variety of treatment options. Some common treatments offered include:

  • Dual diagnosis
  • Group counseling
  • CBT
  • Family therapy
  • Supportive-expressive psychotherapy
  • DBT

Preparing to Fight Addiction at The Hills Treatment Center

Tackling addiction is a challenge, but it’s one that a rehab program makes less difficult. A good rehab facility keeps your triggers at bay. Moreover, it gives you a chance to reconnect with family in a constructive way. It also surrounds you with people who want to help you succeed.

Just as importantly, it keeps you focused on the task of recovery. You spend your time working on the problem, not trying to fit dealing with it in around everything else in your life.

You can take control of your life back from addiction. A quality rehab facility like The Hills Treatment Center can help do it. Call us at 888-254-0916 for more information about our center and treatment options.