Major depression can run in families, but this is not always the case. Each case can be brought about by a variety of determining factors. Major depression in teens is a serious mental health issue that can result in almost continuous feelings of sadness, resulting in a loss of interest in many things teenagers are expected to show interest in, making them seem abnormal. Major depression affects the feelings and behavioral patterns of teens, leading to functional, emotional and physical problems in life. Depression affects people of all ages; Major depression in teens may manifest through different signs and symptoms than the same disorder in adults, therefore a specialist diagnosis is recommended.

In the modern world of today, with the intense peer pressure and a demand or need to “fit in” in many spheres of life, the high academic expectations from peers, teachers and parents, as well as the changes in the body and the raging teenage hormones, the ups and downs of life are to be expected. Many teens cope normally even during the down times. However, a growing number of others become trapped in the down space and become depressed; leading to other disorders or problems in what is already a challenging life. Major depression in teens is not a weakness and it is not something they may just grow out of. Major depression once diagnosed can be and must be treated. It may require long term treatment or medication. Teens can, however, lead productive and fulfilling lives once treatment is commenced and established.

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Depression is a widely spoken about and often misunderstood disorder that many believe can be fixed by taking medication. Major depression in teens is a relatively common mood disorder whereby the teenager experiences varying levels of sadness, anger, loss, or frustration that interferes with his/her life for weeks or longer. Undiagnosed major depression can lead to a variety of other disorders or simply hold the teenager back from living a fulfilling and content life.

  • Impairment of decisions and focus
  • Dropping in grades at school
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of energy and overall fatigue
  • Feelings of worthlessness or feelings of guilt
  • Lack of interest in normal activities and relationships
  • Significant weight gain or weight loss
  • Thoughts of death or suicide.

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Teen major depression can have a huge impact on the patient’s life and basic functions. Once properly diagnosed, teen major depression can be treated. Getting to the root of the problem and understanding more about the teenager through a course of therapy produces positive responses in the majority of cases. Major depression can be treated and many teens go on to live full, normal and successful lives often in the knowledge they may need ongoing treatment with a combined and balanced course of therapy and medication.

Beachside Treatment Center and Teen Major Depression

Beachside Treatment Center has a qualified and experienced team of professionals to properly and fully evaluate and treat teenagers with major depression and other associated disorders. As a specialist mental health facility with experienced staff, Beachside Treatment Center provides individualized programs, delivered in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, designed specifically for teenagers. The Beachside Treatment Center team treats each case individually to ensure the very best results while seeking a long term solution rather than simply a quick fix.

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