Teen relapse prevention is not officially a disorder but more so a preventative next step for those who have been previously treated for a mental health disorder and who need to reacclimatize into society and adapt to a normal life. Teen relapse prevention is an important component in treating many disorders and addictions in teenagers and is very much a part of the treatment rather than a remedial solution.

What is Teen Relapse Prevention?

Once your teenager has been successfully treated for any disorder, future and on-going support for the challenges that may lie ahead is important. New challenges will be faced by a teenager coming out of therapy that will seem a great deal more challenging in sobriety than they were when addicted. There will be many things that will test their sobriety, mental health, emotional tools and capacities, and their general perception of their new world.

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It can be and often will be challenging for a teenager to adjust to normal society after a course of treatment for an addiction, or after therapy for a mental health disorder. Teen relapse prevention is a useful tool used to assist and support teenagers heading back into society. The aim and purpose of Teen relapse prevention is to help them adjust to new situations and teach them how to overcome new challenges.

Some teens may encounter old friends, some of whom may still be addicts or who were or are a negative influence. It is not always possible to avoid exposure to things or people that dragged the teen into the unhealthy position they were in. It is often very easy to be drawn back into drugs or alcohol abuse, and equally easy to forget techniques and coping methods taught during therapy. Teen relapse prevention pre-warns patients of the sort of situations that may arise giving them a chance to back away, avoid, or at least cope using specific tools previously learned.

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Very often recovering or fully recovered teenagers may face situations that are difficult to cope with. These situations can lead them to a point where a relapse into a past condition or addiction becomes very tempting or easier as a way forward. The weakness or challenge that took them to where they were may still be present. It is very important to have a support team around a struggling teenager to help them maintain a clear mind, make good choices, and build healthy relationships. This support team can be made up of family, friends, welfare organisations and professional therapists. Teen relapse prevention provides that crucial support for your teenager on the journey forward.

Beachside Treatment Center Relapse Prevention

Beachside Treatment Center is serious about long lasting and sustained recovery. Therefore it has a qualified and experienced team of mental health professionals to properly and fully assist teenagers and their families adjust to normal life after treatment. As a specialist mental health facility, Beachside Treatment Center provides individualized mental health programs designed specifically for teenagers that include relapse prevention programs and other solutions that help teens and their families acclimatize to life after treatment. Delivered in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, the Beachside Treatment Center team treats each case individually to ensure the very best results.

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