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Podcasts being a fairly new technology are in fact, somewhat old school. According to a Nielsen report, 51% of the U.S. population listen to the more than 750,000 podcasts out there Podcasts are like radio 2.0, or simply a new way of receiving important, useful information through radio broadcasts. They are in essence, this generation’s way of obtaining new solutions to old problems. Since information is relayed through audio or video directly to the listener, it is certainly a much more intimate way of learning than through the reading of brochures, email or web content alone.

Teens have the benefit of receiving a message, in reality, a radio message, by listening through their phones or devices wherever they are. 

Technology gives listeners the advantage of tuning in on their time, not only during the regularly scheduled broadcasting time. By doing a simple search of podcasts, you can find a podcast, if not multiple, on any subject, genre or topic that you are interested in. From business to finances to relationships and religion to mental health, there is a podcast out there for everyone. Not only are many of the podcasts engaging and informative for teens, but they can also be a great conversation starter for adults and teens. 

For busy teenagers, podcasts are a great way of learning something while doing other things around the house, in the car, on the bus or walking home. They are available in a wide variety of forms and many different media channels and apps including iTunes, Google Play Music, Amazon, TuneIn Radio, and more, making it the perfect way to even listen together with your teen.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of podcasts out there designed for teens and many even produced by teens, but let’s look at just a few which discuss the subject of mental health issues. Many are hosted by sufferers who want to share their experiences with the world and more importantly, make others feel less alone.

Youth Radio, the premier podcast site not only for teens but by teens, provides relevant information from a teen’s point of view on a variety of mental health topics. Teens discuss their real-life struggles with mental health, wellness, social media and its impact on mental health, stress and how to manage it, and resources for those in need.

PlayerFM is a central repository of podcasts addressing mental health issues and an amazing resource for teens struggling with their issues and for parents to learn how to manage them. This collection of podcasts changes regularly, yet you can certainly find within the archives something that will be useful and inspiring. The radio broadcasts touch on a wide array of issues including depression, anxiety, drugs and alcohol, therapy options, emotions, feelings and maneuvering through life with a mental illness.

Mental Illness Happy Hour is a weekly podcast facilitated by former comedian Paul Gilmartin and addresses his own struggles with mental health. He regularly interviews therapists, listeners who struggle with various issues, even artists and celebrities. According to Psychology Today, Paul Gilmartin “Normalizes what so many others feel but have been too fearful or ashamed to express.” His desire is that through this podcast, he can help sufferers connect and feel a sense of hope.

The Dark Place offers a safe place where mental health sufferers can relate, share stories, express themselves openly and candidly about their struggles, their successes, and resources for help. This weekly podcast is a great place for parents and teens to hear the real-life difficulties that others face and to understand that they are not alone.

Everybody blurts is a podcast that revolves around the subject of depression including resources, support systems, and tips and suggestions to manage it to lead a successful life. Hosted by Jayne Hardy, Everybody blurts is touted as being the “helping hand” to someone who struggles with depression, covering both the practical and emotional challenges.

NPR While National Public Radio is not specifically targeted towards teens, there are many radio shows which address mental health issues such as substance abuse, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, treatment and options.

Teen Wealth is an inspirational podcast that regularly shares stories, tips, and advice about eating disorders, mental health, self-esteem and a host of other topics that teens are faced with.

The Youth Mentor Podcast, hosted by Amanda Rootsey, provides motivation and inspiration for teens struggling with mental health and their parents. Offering practical advice for how to maneuver through this crazy world, Rootsey shares additional assistance through the teen personal development school, “Shine From Within”.

SuperGirls Podcast is a weekly broadcast which shares young women’s struggles with their self-worth, and hopelessness, and helps them to see that they are not alone during these tough times. Host, Jackie Schlerf, walks teenagers through discovering their true potential, dealing with regrets, hope, and resiliency, and finding comfort along with dozens of other inspiring topics.

Teen Talk, produced by 16-year old Hayden Trowbridge, is a brand new podcast that discusses the many topics and challenges that teens face. From mental health to alleviating stress and controlling your life, Hayden shares her own personal stories and that of others.

Parenting Today’s Teens, while geared towards parents and hosted by Mark Gregston, this powerful podcast gives insight and support to parents from all walks of life. Whether your teen is experiencing a mental health issue, or simply in the throes of being a teenager, Mark has thoughts and suggestions for you in his weekly broadcast.

Answers for the Family – Radio Show brings options and answers to parents and caregivers of teenagers. Addressing a wide array of topics such as addictions, self-esteem, crisis intervention, and treatment options, host Ronen Rozner wants nothing more to be a resource to help and guide struggling parents.

You Inside Out or affectionately known as UIO is a real look at issues that teenage girls deal with. Host Sonia Lewis discusses topics such as social anxiety, undiagnosed mental illness, bullying, peer pressure, and others to help teens understand that they are not alone and give them the support they need to successfully move into the future.

411 Teen, hosted by Dr. Liz Holfield, is a radio broadcast for a teen audience that regularly shares input from teens about eating disorders, mental health, sex, and risky behaviors.

Anxiety Free Teen Podcast is a radio show designed specifically for parents of teens struggling with depression, anxiety or other mental health issues and how to get your teen the help that they need.

MentalMusic.org addresses mental health issues through music and song. Through its bi-weekly podcasts, this podcast addresses suicide, substance abuse, anxiety and OCD, and mental health resources.

This American Life airs on more than 500 radio stations across the country, typically on the weekends. It provides people of all ages with compelling stories from around the world, bringing each of us closer to one another and sharing big feelings, inspirational thoughts, and clever antecdotes about many topics including Schizophrenia, mental health, overall health and the effects of trauma.

Stuff You Should Know is a clever podcast designed to tell listeners about how stuff works. In other words, hosts Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark, share real information about a variety of topics including PTSD, Schizophrenia, and dissociative identify disorder.

Nevertheless, She Persisted, hosted by Sadie Sutton, is a teenage girls’ journey through depression and anxiety. Sadie shares intimate details of her experiences with mental health issues, how mental health impacts a family unit, some skills that she would like to pass on to anyone who may be suffering as well as her advice about finding someone to speak to.

The Start of Something is a teen centered, teen produced podcast which revolves around the mental health of teens. Host James Asher brings a new perspective to teens living with mental health issues.

That B Word is a real-talk podcast primarily focused on Bipolar Disorder. Host Becky takes a close-up look at this disorder as well as reaches out to guests to discuss other important mental health issues such as Avoidant Personality Disorder and treatment options including mindfulness practice.

Today’s Teenagers, while this podcast is not specifically dedicated to teens, it provides insightful and relevant information to parents and caregivers about mental health issues in teens. Host and Licensed Counselor Roy Petitfils shares his more than 20 years’ experience in working with teens and how you can assist teens with the many issues that they are faced with on a daily basis. From social media engagement to problem solving techniques to starting a conversation about mental health, Roy gives you suggestions and tips to help you and your teen navigate the complicated teenage years.

Woman’s Hour, hosted on BBC Radio, Catherine Carr and Vicky Knight address mental health issues relative to today’s teens through interviews with both parents and teens who suffer from various disorders; the impact of social media, how to get teens the help they need, bullying and even how to breach the subject of suicide.

Mental podcast’s creator and host, Bobby Temps, breaks down the stigmas associated with mental health and the discrimination that occurs against those who suffer. His goal, from first hand experience, is to help listeners to become more empowered to speak up for themselves and to begin a conversation with others. He has created his podcast to encourage those with mental illness to walk confidently and to know that they are not alone. Temps also provides useful information to help those who suffer obtain treatment and the benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

The Anxiety Coaches Podcast, hosted by Gina Ryan, focuses on the effects of anxiety, how to manage it effectively through lifestyle changes, and the importance of trusting oneself to make appropriate actions to move them into the future. In other words, how to stop the worry about the future! Teens who suffer from anxiety disorder can greatly benefit from the inspiration and information provided by Gina.

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We are inundated with information on the internet, television and even brochures about mental health and teens. While the thought of mental illness itself may be overwhelming, rest assured that there is help for you or your teen. Listening to the stories shared of others’ struggles may help your teen to begin to understand that they are not alone in their fight. 

Many of the podcasts listed provide resources and support to those dealing with mental health issues. But be sure to also reach out to your child’s pediatrician or healthcare provider to discuss options and treatment if you suspect that your son or daughter may be suffering from mental health issues. 

The dedicated staff at Beachside Teen Treatment Center are also an excellent resource to assist teens in determining the appropriate path to help them to manage and overcome their mental health issues. The experienced team members at Beachside will help to support both you and your teenager in the journey to recovery.